My Mountain Bike Adventures

May 04

Mt Biking

This is a blog I started to chronicle my hiking through east central Indiana State Parks. I have found that there is so much to do outdoors in the Noblesville and Indianapolis areas that very rarely get talked about. So I would love to shed a little bit more light on these. From state parks to the Monon Trail you will never run out of things to do in the Indianapolis area. I have always found it relaxing to be outdoors, and sometimes it gets lonely, so I thought , “why not share my adventures with the world?” Not only is being outdoors a great way to relax but it also a great way to keep up a wonderful physique. Local parks are a great place to meet new people or to get together with some current friends to have a barbecue or just walk some trails and talk. The east central Indiana parks are far spanning and have some much to offer it can sometimes be overwhelming for me to try and capture their beauty for you, but I will try.

What makes the State parks of Indiana something I’m passionate about sharing with you? Well you see growing up in central Indiana I felt it was my duty to help bring them the attention they deserve. I know most of the time when people hear Indiana, they think, Lame-diana. But they’re wrong! So I think this will be a great way for me to describe some of the beauty that is here in Indiana that sometimes gets overlooked. You can find some great waterfalls and beautiful sunsets in the state of Indiana if you just know where to look. Although this site does have the name Mountain Bike adventures in it, that’s a hypothetical term just referring to my hiking throughout the wilderness. It is far too difficult to get a mountain bike into the woods, and it is extremely dangerous to locally mountain bike without written permission. Did you know that local mountain biking leads to 429 injuries a year according to a statistic I made up for this blog? Back to hiking, I find it much easier to peruse the wilderness on foot and even more enjoyable if you bring a locally bred four legged friend. My four legged friend happens to be named Sedona, (hence the name of the site) an alaskan malamute of 2 years old. She found me as a pup as I was wandering a trail in Anderson. We have been together ever since then, and have had many an adventure together.

So here at Sedona Mountain Bike Adventure you’ll find my thoughts on the local trails I walk. You will get an idea for what the landscape of Indiana is like, and what the nature sites here have to offer. There is so much that waits around the bend and I hope you’re excited for what I have to provide you with here. And remember that the things I have to offer you here is just the opinion of a locally raised guy, who happens to enjoy being outdoors. So thanks for stopping by today and checking this out. We will see if you love what I have to offer you, and if you don’t, don’t come back to my site about the state parks of Indiana and the hiking that I like to do in them.

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