Hiking Through Mounds State Park

Jun 04


Mounds State Park, located in Anderson, is a truly unique park that sets itself apart from the rest of the state parks of Indiana by having actual mounds that local Indians made back in the day. When you first arrive at Mounds you take a long road running the front of the local park and really setting the mood for the wooded wonderland that awaits you when arrive. You will have to stop at a small wooded park attendant station and pay $7 or just show your Indiana State park pass to get into the park. This is the only thing that will cost you while you are at the park, unless you choose to do some camping at the Anderson parks campground. Once you are into the local park you can either stop right away at the park welcome center or you can take a trip farther back into the park. There you will find a swimming pool that will keep the small ones entertained if you feel like not paying any attention to them throughout your day at the park. If you do actually feel like being a parent and being attentive to your children, boy oh boy are there trails in this place. In fact the outer trail of the park is a whopping 3.75 miles around. What a hike! It has its up and and its downs, and there are local touches here and there that really let you know the terrain of Indiana varies. There are hundred foot embankments overlooking the White River that runs through Anderson, and beautiful Indiana conifers providing plenty of shelter for local wildlife such as squirrels and rabbits and deer, oh my! You won’t find much in the way of wolves or bears in this area of Indiana, because come one guys, who finds bears in Indiana, crazy people, that’s who.

Let’s move on to the beautiful campground that this Indiana park has to offer. With somewhere in the neighborhood of around 45 campsites there are definitely some places to camp at this park. Did you know that children who hate camping at local parks usually grow up to be annoying brats? So make sure you keep your kids at your local park until they can’t stand not being there. Anderson’s Mounds State Park is definitely one whose campground will make your kids love it there. With a great playground at the park, there is a lot for your kids to do as well. There are restrooms and showers at the park if you happen to need to use those facilities while you are visiting. Most of the campsites have electricity for those of you who happen to have things like boomboxes or motorized camping mobiles. There is a small camp store located at the base of the campground that has a rather foxy young lady who runs it in the evenings on the weekends. There you can buy a newspaper, get some snacks, pick up some firewood, just shoot the breeze and feel the local hospitality that they have to offer.

Mounds State Park is a great way to spend a weekend, or even an afternoon if that’s really all the time you have available because you have a job, and a house you have to maintain, and a yard you have to mow, and a garden you want to plant. So spend however much time your really have available there, because that’s really all anyone can do.

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