5 Ways to Enjoy Nature

Nov 29

We can all agree that nature is beautiful. No matter where you are on earth, nature has much to offer. In fact, it doesn’t even matter what time of day it is. Whether day or night, northern hemisphere or southern hemisphere, nature is absolutely beautiful. Different regions of the earth have different beauties, but that doesn’t make any part of nature less desirable or beautiful. So send your kids to daycare so that you explore nature, here are some ways to ensure that you enjoy it fully.

  1. Bring a Camera.
    You will want a way to document the beauties you have the opportunity to experience in nature. That’s why you should always have a camera handy. Whether you are visiting the grand canyon, the Teton mountains, or seeing the northern lights, you will want pictures of the beautiful sight, so don’t forget to pack your camera!
  2. Put Away the Technology.
    While you certainly want a camera handy to document the sights you see, it is also helpful to remember that the more time you spend on technology, the less time you get to enjoy the sights you are seeing. My recommendation would be to leave the phone behind, or at least in your pocket, for a few hours. Maybe bring an old fashioned camera instead of using your phone camera so you aren’t tempted to waste your day away on technology.
  3. Beware of Potential Dangers and be Prepared.
    Sometimes, beautiful places also pose dangers. For example, wildlife in the area might be dangerous. It is important that you educate yourself beforehand on the potential dangers and be prepared. If there are bears, grab some bear bells and some bear spray. If dangerous animals come out at night, be sure to leave the area before dark. Your sight seeing will be much more enjoyable when you don’t have to fear for your life every second of the day.
  4. Don’t Forget the Bug Spray!
    Bugs can be pesky, especially in certain regions of the earth. Be sure to be proactive against the bugs and bring some bug spray. There’s no need for getting eaten up by mosquitos or being bitten by a tick then suffering the effects for days.

Now that you’re prepared to enjoy nature, where will you go? What do you want to see?

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Hiking Through Mounds State Park

Jun 04


Mounds State Park, located in Anderson, is a truly unique park that sets itself apart from the rest of the state parks of Indiana by having actual mounds that local Indians made back in the day. When you first arrive at Mounds you take a long road running the front of the local park and really setting the mood for the wooded wonderland that awaits you when arrive. You will have to stop at a small wooded park attendant station and pay $7 or just show your Indiana State park pass to get into the park. This is the only thing that will cost you while you are at the park, unless you choose to do some camping at the Anderson parks campground. Once you are into the local park you can either stop right away at the park welcome center or you can take a trip farther back into the park. There you will find a swimming pool that will keep the small ones entertained if you feel like not paying any attention to them throughout your day at the park. If you do actually feel like being a parent and being attentive to your children, boy oh boy are there trails in this place. In fact the outer trail of the park is a whopping 3.75 miles around. What a hike! It has its up and and its downs, and there are local touches here and there that really let you know the terrain of Indiana varies. There are hundred foot embankments overlooking the White River that runs through Anderson, and beautiful Indiana conifers providing plenty of shelter for local wildlife such as squirrels and rabbits and deer, oh my! You won’t find much in the way of wolves or bears in this area of Indiana, because come one guys, who finds bears in Indiana, crazy people, that’s who.

Let’s move on to the beautiful campground that this Indiana park has to offer. With somewhere in the neighborhood of around 45 campsites there are definitely some places to camp at this park. Did you know that children who hate camping at local parks usually grow up to be annoying brats? So make sure you keep your kids at your local park until they can’t stand not being there. Anderson’s Mounds State Park is definitely one whose campground will make your kids love it there. With a great playground at the park, there is a lot for your kids to do as well. There are restrooms and showers at the park if you happen to need to use those facilities while you are visiting. Most of the campsites have electricity for those of you who happen to have things like boomboxes or motorized camping mobiles. There is a small camp store located at the base of the campground that has a rather foxy young lady who runs it in the evenings on the weekends. There you can buy a newspaper, get some snacks, pick up some firewood, just shoot the breeze and feel the local hospitality that they have to offer.

Mounds State Park is a great way to spend a weekend, or even an afternoon if that’s really all the time you have available because you have a job, and a house you have to maintain, and a yard you have to mow, and a garden you want to plant. So spend however much time your really have available there, because that’s really all anyone can do.

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Adventures In The Outdoors

May 12

Adventure the fuel of life. Without adventure life is like an empty book without words. For this reason, you must always search for new ideas and spots to travel. Exploring adventurous destinations is the ultimate form of enjoying life. There are various adventurous activities available all around the world like rafting, rock climbing, skiing, cycling and much more. You can choose to do any of these activities. However, there are few things that you must keep in mind while going for adventurous travel. Some of the tips are discussed below for you.


Tips That You Should Know

If you are planning for a beautiful, adventurous trip, then you should remember these following facts or tips:

  • Stay Hydrated: One of the most important facts is that you must keep yourself hydrated. Do not forget to carry enough fluids in your bad. Remember that plain drinking is always better than commercial drinking products. In rough weather, you should keep hydrating yourself. Carrying fruit juice can also turn out to be helpful. You should remember this vital factor while traveling the adventurous spots with your family or friends.
  • Fruits For Refreshment: The Amazing fact is that fruits can be a true friend of yours during the rough climate and places. Dry fruits are rich in vitamins. You can carry it while you are on the go. Fruits such as blueberries, blackberries, cucumber and other such fruits are truly amazing for health. These fruits have antioxidant compounds which keep the body and mind refreshed and energetic. This is a must follow factor for all the travelers who love to explore the thrilling spots.
  • Raw Veggies: Yes, raw vegetables can act as a perfect support in your long journey. Raw veggies are not only rich in beneficial enzymes and nutrients, but it also contains huge vitamins and minerals that help in keeping the body balanced and refreshing. You should abstain from cookies, chips, and other fast foods during the trip. Raw vegetables help in giving constant energy to the body. Moreover, it’s antioxidant quality keeps you energized for a long period.
  • Carry All Knick Knacks: One of the most important facts is that people often forget to pack the bag judiciously and finally forget to include essential gadgets. You should keep a list of all your important gadgets like a knife, mobile phones, and other appliances which are truly beneficial for the trip. You should not miss any of these important gadgets during your trip because that can create a mess at the time of emergency. You must also keep necessary medicines with you.

Enjoying The Best

These are some of the important tips that you must remember while going for a rough, adventurous trip.  You should be judicious in all aspect which includes a selection of the destination, time of traveling, physical health and such important aspects. These factors will keep you healthy and will give you a chance of enjoying a great trip. So get going and find the best mode of traveling now.


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My Mountain Bike Adventures

May 04

Mt Biking

This is a blog I started to chronicle my hiking through east central Indiana State Parks. I have found that there is so much to do outdoors in the Noblesville and Indianapolis areas that very rarely get talked about. So I would love to shed a little bit more light on these. From state parks to the Monon Trail you will never run out of things to do in the Indianapolis area. I have always found it relaxing to be outdoors, and sometimes it gets lonely, so I thought , “why not share my adventures with the world?” Not only is being outdoors a great way to relax but it also a great way to keep up a wonderful physique. Local parks are a great place to meet new people or to get together with some current friends to have a barbecue or just walk some trails and talk. The east central Indiana parks are far spanning and have some much to offer it can sometimes be overwhelming for me to try and capture their beauty for you, but I will try.

What makes the State parks of Indiana something I’m passionate about sharing with you? Well you see growing up in central Indiana I felt it was my duty to help bring them the attention they deserve. I know most of the time when people hear Indiana, they think, Lame-diana. But they’re wrong! So I think this will be a great way for me to describe some of the beauty that is here in Indiana that sometimes gets overlooked. You can find some great waterfalls and beautiful sunsets in the state of Indiana if you just know where to look. Although this site does have the name Mountain Bike adventures in it, that’s a hypothetical term just referring to my hiking throughout the wilderness. It is far too difficult to get a mountain bike into the woods, and it is extremely dangerous to locally mountain bike without written permission. Did you know that local mountain biking leads to 429 injuries a year according to a statistic I made up for this blog? Back to hiking, I find it much easier to peruse the wilderness on foot and even more enjoyable if you bring a locally bred four legged friend. My four legged friend happens to be named Sedona, (hence the name of the site) an alaskan malamute of 2 years old. She found me as a pup as I was wandering a trail in Anderson. We have been together ever since then, and have had many an adventure together.

So here at Sedona Mountain Bike Adventure you’ll find my thoughts on the local trails I walk. You will get an idea for what the landscape of Indiana is like, and what the nature sites here have to offer. There is so much that waits around the bend and I hope you’re excited for what I have to provide you with here. And remember that the things I have to offer you here is just the opinion of a locally raised guy, who happens to enjoy being outdoors. So thanks for stopping by today and checking this out. We will see if you love what I have to offer you, and if you don’t, don’t come back to my site about the state parks of Indiana and the hiking that I like to do in them.

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Biking Through Indiana Parks

Apr 07

indiana biking parks

The trails of Indiana parks really do appeal to mountain bike enthusiasts, or as I like to refer to them, psychotics. So the appeal of mountain bikes has now been shifted to thrill you get while taking a misstep and tumbling down a hill. What a rush. So “mountain biking” from here on out will just refer to me and Sedona walking trails together and me trying to stop her from always chasing after local wildlife. Last Sunday I was thinking to myself, “let’s sum up all of our mountain biking adventures throughout Indiana together Sedona.” I guess I was more talking aloud to my dog than I was actually thinking to myself, but these are all technicalities lately. Once while Sedona and I were “mountain biking” through the trails of Pokagon state park in Richmond Indiana we saw roughly 12 gray squirrels. It was quite a rush! There they also have a wonderful toboggan sled that they keep covered in ice all winter long to ensure that you can reach speeds in excess of 55 kmph. whoa! What a rush!

In the time of your writing this I have visited somewhere in the neighborhood of 6 state parks in Indiana. I have found every one of them to be very fun and extremely exhilarating when enjoyed with my pal Sedona. In a small park in Pendleton Indiana called Falls park you will find some very fun trails that follow a few winding creeks and even some tunnels running underneath railroad tracks. A very fun way to spend an afternoon is just watching the trains go back and following the trails throughout the wilderness. There is also a few breathtaking views a of a sea foam green bridge that you must know are picture worthy. Just breathtaking. There is also a disc golf course located along the trails of this park. I hear that game is very popular with the younger generation of freethinkers and disc throwers. There are some beautiful waterfalls located at this park which is where it gets its name. These are some of the best waterfalls you will find in the eastern Indiana area that are completely viewable from a car, if you really don’t feel like getting out into the outdoors and deal with all the insects and the sun and that whole thing.

White river state park is located near Avon Indiana and it is quite a nice park if you are looking to have a family reunion or take your kids to a large swimming pool with a security system. There are also lifeguards on duty so you can rest assured that you don’t need to pay that much attention to your kids. They have several picnic benches and areas for charcoal grills to be used by families of all sizes. There is also a very nice play set there where all of the children can get together and just run amuck however they feel. Once you get them there you can just listen for their screams and make sure they’re misbehaving like usual. The local kids always make their way over there too so there’s always someone to keep them company if Jack Daniel is keeping you company during the afternoon.

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