All That Nature Has to Offer

May 14

In this section I just want to really cover all the things that nature has to offer, sometimes we forget things like sheet paper, come from nature. In fact did you know, the majority of the wood that was used to build the house you’re in now, came from nature? That’s right! A lot of that wood came from Indiana and has been purposed to create some of the world’s best crown mold profiles, custom stairs and more!  The trees in Indiana are great for building things like houses and sheds, even barns! Noblesville Indiana is a great place to see these beautiful trees due to the fact that there is so much visible nature there, and it’s not very developed. One of the most crazy things I had ever heard was that a house or car could be powered by the sun. However, upon further investigation, it is true! You must make some crazy conversions, but so what?! The sun can power your house people! Why pay a local company for electricity when you can let the SUN give it to you?! Guess what else i discovered while I was looking into this whole thing, that WIND CAN POWER YOUR HOUSE TOO! This here nature is crazy and it has so much that it can offer us.

The locally raised beef in Anderson Indiana is considered some of the finest in the midwest area. So keep your eyes peeled when you’re out country cruising and get some of that grass fed local beef that’s for sale. With the rate that beef prices have been rising lately, it is important to remember to help support the local farmers that have been breeding their animals in the eastern Indiana area for years. There is even a new demand for goats raised in this area due to how friendly they are known to be. Which seems odd to me because goats are usually friendly and not mean unless you take down to them. However, i guess these Indiana goats are even more over the top friendly. So that’s alright with me. Well that was a bit of a rant and I guess that was off topic, but we shall get back on now.

The produce you buy from your local grocery store, did you know that it came from nature?! Somebody had to plant it into the ground and take it out of the ground in order for you to be able to buy it and eat it. It had to sit in the sun for days, and take in rain for water to help it grow. It takes weeks and months and days to grow, but once it does, you can eat it! It can provide you with the nutrients you need to become big and strong! You can even grow things locally in your own back yard and then pick them yourself and eat them and know what went into making them what they are. How crazy is that?! So do yourself a favor and thank nature when you’re outside today, and tomorrow, and the next day. Do not take nature for granted and make sure you take care of that mother.

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